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Vamonos to Mexico » Culture


The culture of this country is the process of blending indigenous practices and traditions with the Spanish colonial presence, which ultimately produced an indelible imprint on all aspects of life.

There has always been a struggle by Mexicans throughout their history to define and promote the identity of their nation.

However, due to political instability, wars with the United States and France, and the colonial presence, Mexican society has struggled to create a cohesive identity.

Consequently, Mexico’s art and literature have also had a turbulent history.

The country has an impressive array of Mayan and Aztec constructions, and many of the traditions of these peoples are still maintained.

However, due to colonization, much of Mexican literature borrowed European ideas and techniques.

It was not until the post-revolutionary period that the arts developed their own characteristics and soon evolved, giving the world some of the most acclaimed figures in universal art and literature.

Whether you want to learn more about the inspirational Frida Kahlo or the charm of the mariachi, this section will provide you with essential information about the complex world of Mexican culture.