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Magical Towns

In 2001, the Mexican Government started a program called “Pueblos Magicos,” in which a small town or community, based on specific guidelines, could be granted this award (Pueblo Magico).

These guidelines include, but are not limited to: cultural heritage, gastronomy, rich history, architectural attractions, and more.

orizaba veracruz

Orizaba Veracruz, Magical Town: Travel Tips 2023

Orizaba Veracruz, also called “The City of the Joyful Waters,” is a vice-royal chest full of architectural jewels and marvelous landscapes. I will tell you about its attractions and things to do, but first, let’s dive into its fascinating history.

san jose de gracia aguascalientes

San Jose de Gracia, Aguascalientes: TOP Things to Do, and See

The Magical Town of San Jose de Gracia is filled with vegetation, great natural spaces, and lots of fun! During my years traveling the Country, I had never come across a place that combined fun activities packed with adventure and a touch of spirituality.

batopilas chihuahua

Discover Batopilas Chihuahua: Definitive Guide

The Magical Town of Batopilas, Chihuahua, hidden in the depths of the Copper Canyon, preserves the vestiges of its past mining splendor and the most extensive and marvelous landscapes of the Sierra Tarahumara.