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Magical Towns

In 2001, the Mexican Government started a program called “Pueblos Magicos,” in which a small town or community, based on specific guidelines, could be granted this award (Pueblo Magico).

These guidelines include, but are not limited to: cultural heritage, gastronomy, rich history, architectural attractions, and more.

huamantla tlaxcala

Discover Huamantla Tlaxcala, Magical Town

In the state of Tlaxcala lies Huamantla, a charming little town full of color and things to discover. In 2007 became an official Magical Town for its artistic, religious, and culinary traditions such as “La Huamantlada.”


Why is Tulum Mexico So Popular? A Complete Visitor Guide

Some of the most popular attractions of the Magical Town of Tulum in the Mexican Riviera Maya include coastal and jungle archaeological ruins, enchanting beaches, reserved areas, and dreamy cenotes like the famous Cenote Calavera.

talpa jalisco

Talpa de Allende Jalisco: Home of the Best Guava Rolls

The Magical Town of Talpa Jalisco is not only famous for its “Virgin of Talpa” and the production of the best guavas in the world, but it offers many other charming attractions that I will share with you in this complete guide.

tepoztlan mexico

What is Tepoztlan Mexico Known For?

If you haven’t been to Tepoztlan Mexico to enjoy the festival of El Tepozteco, you are missing out on one of the most exciting and colorful celebrations in the country.