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chetumal mexico

Chetumal Mexico: Top Things to do and Explore

Chetumal is the capital of one of Mexico’s most beautiful and most visited states by tourists: Quintana Roo. Located in the country’s southeast, Chetumal is known for being where Mexico begins, referring to its location on the border with Belize.

mexican riviera

The Mexican Riviera Travel Route: Where Is It?

The Mexican Riviera, unlike the Riviera Maya, comprises three very different beach destinations. Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta make up this popular Riviera that is a destination for cruise ships coming from Los Angeles or San Francisco.

isla aguada campeche

Isla Aguada Campeche: Top Things to Do and Explore

I bet you haven’t heard of Isla Aguada Campeche, a heavenly little “island” in the heart of the beautiful Mexican Gulf. I will tell you about what activities you can do on your visit and a little bit of its history to learn more about this Magical Town and maybe encourage you to visit.

most beautiful cities in mexico

20 Most Beautiful Cities in Mexico to Live or Visit

Although selecting the most beautiful cities in Mexico is challenging, I have chosen 20 that stand out among them all. One of every four cities in the Americas declared World Heritage by Unesco is Mexican, which highlights the beauty of Mexico’s metropolises.