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Large Cities

The high demographic levels of Mexico’s main cities are due to the economic growth of the region, its geographic area, and social factors.

For example, the country’s capital and its metropolitan area, Mexico City, is the one that most evidences this fact, with a population of 25.4 million inhabitants, followed by Guadalajara with almost 8 million people.

cantina in mexico

Cantinas in Mexico: More Than Just Bars, a Tradition

By tradition, custom, celebration, and even work, a cantina in Mexico is the meeting point and the perfect excuse to get together and leave behind, at least for a few hours, the hectic daily life and forget it all.

polanco mexico city

Polanco Neighborhood in Mexico City: Ultimate Guide

Known as one of the fanciest neighborhoods in Mexico City, Polanco is an area where you can find (of course) excellent restaurants and bars, nightclubs and cantinas, numerous art galleries, theaters, shopping centers…

roma mexico city

Roma Neighborhood, the Bohemian Side of Mexico City

The Roma neighborhood in Mexico City is popularly known for the beautiful architecture of its houses and buildings, with styles that vary between art nouveau, eclectic or French, and many gourmet cafes decorated with great elegance and the best flavors.