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Vamonos to Mexico » Magical Towns » Ajijic Jalisco: The New Bohemian Magical Town in Mexico

Ajijic Jalisco: The New Bohemian Magical Town in Mexico

  • Joel CZ 
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ajijic jalisco
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It’s no secret that Ajijic Jalisco in Mexico is one of the most colorful towns on the outskirts of Guadalajara.

Ajijic sits on the shore of Lake Chapala in Jalisco, and its visit is a must.

The name comes from the Nahuatl Axixic, which means “place where the water springs.”

Ajijic Pueblo Magico is a small cobblestone town with colonial structures.

In 2020, Ajijic became a Pueblo Magico, now the ninth with this distinction in the state of Jalisco.

In addition, the climate in Ajijic Jalisco is warm and clean and one of the country’s safest environments.

Ajijic Pueblo Mágico’s population comprises foreigners from the United States, Canada, and England.

They obviously fell in love with this beautiful place.

Although it is worth mentioning that not all of them reside all year round, some only do it in certain seasons. Winter is their favorite.

Among its inhabitants are artists, painters, sculptors, and writers, which is why it has become one of the places with the largest number of galleries.

Also, the old main streets are now scenarios full of murals and public art of Ajijic Mexico.

The destination is perfect for rest; the houses built are dedicated to recreation and leisure. Ideal for enjoying cultural tourism.

Ajijic Jalisco: A bohemian attraction

ajijic jalisco
Source: Foto Para Ti /

Cultural and artistic activities are normal events most days of the week, and religious celebrations that fill with color and folklore are the most representative festivities in Mexico.

Again, many designers, sculptors, and young artisans exhibit their creations in galleries and tourist trails.

As a worthy Magical Town, its beauty lies in the colonial architecture that decorates the streets thanks to the cobblestones, murals, houses with tiles, and colorful landscapes.

If you are a fan of taking pictures and making stories, this is surely an option to explore your creativity.

The streets are the perfect scenery for artists, as the walls have become immense canvases that tell stories.

Located on Lake Chapala’s shores, this makes it a destination with a greater tourist offer.

It is only 40 minutes away from the metropolitan area of Guadalajara (the capital of the state of Jalisco and the second-largest city in Mexico).

By the way, this lake, surrounded by mountains, is the largest in the country since it covers a large part of Jalisco and extends to the neighboring state of Michoacán.

In the main esplanade of the Zócalo, it is possible to admire local people practicing together danzón, chachachá, and other musical genres (mostly on weekends).

10 Things to do in Ajijic, Jalisco- Mexico

ajijic jalisco
The boardwalk – Source: NickyRedl /

1. Enjoy its nature

For starters, one of its biggest attractions is undoubtedly Lake Chapala, which has a dock where you can rent a boat and sail.

As we said before, this lake is considered the largest in the Mexican Republic and was named a wetland of international importance in 2009.

2. Visit the Malecon (boardwalk)

After a nice lunch, you can relax while walking along the cobblestone streets surrounded by trees while enjoying the boardwalk and the view of the lake’s landscape.

You cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful Malecon and the stunning sunsets that can be admired here.

Perfect for hanging out with family, friends, and couples, sitting in the shade of lush trees, and maybe having a picnic in Ajijic Jalisco.

3. The Ajijic kiosk

ajijic jalisco
The Ajijic kiosk – Source: xhico /

Surrounded by a beautiful garden, ideal for admiring the local culture, you will find cafes, restaurants, and places to buy art nearby.

It is located in the heart of town.

4. Plus Adventure

On the other hand, if adventure is your thing, this agency is in charge of providing you with a series of activities that will help you take your experience to the next level.

Their specialty is kayak tours, and you don’t need experience; all you need is the desire to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

It also offers services such as a visit to Mezcala Island by boat, rock climbing, and hiking. And the best part is that all activities are super safe.

5. Local Cemetery

In my opinion, one of the most acclaimed traditions in our country is the Day of the Dead, and Ajijic is not left behind with this celebration.

Although there is no lack of altars in people’s homes, relatives decorate the graves of their loved ones as well.

It is an exciting experience, full of color, food, music, and songs, and the families really transmit something that you must experience for yourself.

6. San Andres Temple

vamonos to mexico
Source: alberto cervantes /

This temple transmits something so good and unique; it is a small but picturesque place near the main square and Lake Chapala.

It is covered with quarry stone and has an atrium that can transmit magic to its visitors. It maintains its structure in perfect shape.

Without a doubt, you can enjoy the trees and flowers in its gardens. It is worth a visit.

7. Casa Tequila Bonanza Bazar

It goes without saying that we are in Jalisco, right? The true home of tequila and obviously in Ajijic, should not be missed.

You can find a variety of prepared drinks that are perfect for refreshing yourself after visiting the Malecon.

This place is perfect, and it’s a relaxed atmosphere so you can visit with family, friends, or your partner. It is close to the lake, so you can take a walk afterward.

8. Walk through the murals in the town of Ajijic Jalisco

vamonos to mexico
A mural of Francisco Villa and Emiliano Zapata – Source: Sleepy Joe /

As I mentioned before, this beautiful town is characterized by being colorful, and this is due to the murals painted in the downtown area.

Artists such as Jose Duran, Efren Gonzales, Lopez Vega, and Javier Zaragoza have been part of this beautiful decoration, which adorns facades and walls.

9. A horseback ride through its cobblestone streets

For me, horseback riding is not much to my taste, but without a doubt, it has become a great attraction for many.

I’ve been told that it is truly a beautiful experience riding a horse along the streets of this beautiful town, enjoying the colors and its aromas.

10. Buy handicrafts

vamonos to mexico
Traditional Alebrijes – Source: Francisco J Ramos Gallego

Supporting the local economy of Ajijic Pueblo Magico is always a good idea, and I assure you that you will not regret it. It has an endless number of handicrafts.

As you walk around town, you will find everything from handicrafts, clothing, textiles, and jewelry, and I know it will be worth your money for a gift or a souvenir to bring back home.

How to get to Ajijic?

Jalisco state is one of the most important capitals of Mexico. It is possible to arrive by plane, bus or car.

From Guadalajara, Jalisco, it is easy to find signs that will guide you to Ajijic.

You can even opt to take a bus to the Magical Town, or if you have a larger budget, a cab or “Uber” could cost you between 300 and 400 pesos.

Ajijic Jalisco, Mexico- Lodging for all budgets

When it comes to lodging, there is great diversity; you can opt for hotels, hostels, cabins, or Airbnb.

Several have swimming pools, patios, trees, and the region’s endemic flora.

Depending on your choice, prices can range from $400 to $2,000 pesos per night.

I have definitely added Ajijic to my list of Pueblos Magicos to visit again in 2021.

Now you know, if you’re looking for quietness and inspiration and a little trip with a low budget, Ajijic is a great option in Pueblos Magicos.

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