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Atlixco Puebla: The City of Flowers, and Much More

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atlixco puebla
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Atlixco Puebla is a Magical Town located at the foot of the Popocatepetl volcano.

It is one of the most attractive tourist places to visit in the state of Puebla due to its great cultural and gastronomic diversity, colorful streets, activities such as the cultivation of flowers, architecture, historic churches, and the practice of extreme sports, among others.

This charming town, also called Atlixco de las Flores boasts the best climate in the world.

TOP 10 things to do in Atlixco Puebla

atlixco mexico
Source: Eleni Mavrandoni /

1. Illuminated Village

The light decoration in the village of Atlixco is perhaps one of its most famous attractions during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Thousands of Puebla residents and inhabitants of nearby states, such as Mexico city and Hidalgo, take the opportunity to visit the city’s Christmas illumination.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Illuminated Village had modifications to control the number of attendees and minimize crowds.

2. Skydiving

If adrenaline is your thing, Atlixco Puebla is perfect for you.

When you visit the Aerodrome, you can parachute at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour, in one-minute free fall and 5 minutes of flight.

You don’t need to have experience since you can do a tandem jump, in which an experienced and certified instructor helps you jump and takes care of you at all times.

Before you can perform this extreme activity, you are given a brief explanation and instructions.

The company Skydive has all the certifications, according to its website. If you want to visit Atlixco and perform this activity, you must make a reservation on their website or through WhatsApp.

Parachuting costs around 1,600 pesos (80 USD), while the tandem jump costs 2,600 pesos (130 USD).

There are discounts for birthdays, groups, and even marriage proposals.

3. A day at Xtremo Park

Xtremo is an amusement park in Atlixco, where you can find go-karts, zip lines, gotcha, 3D simulators, swimming pools, and the skydiving I was telling you about. So the adventures and adrenaline never stop.

This Park is currently open, respecting all the sanitary measures, so mouth covers, taking temperature, hand washing, and gel application are necessary to enter the place.

An All-Day Pass ticket, which includes almost all the attractions, costs 1,500 pesos, and access to three activities costs 500 pesos: you can choose between go-karts, zip line, 3D simulator, gotcha, or water ramps.

4. Visit the flower nurseries in Atlixco Puebla

atlixco puebla
Source: Noyola95 /

Again, this magical town is primarily known for its flower production, so it makes sense to visit its nurseries.

The Hermanos León nursery is a company dedicated to producing and commercializing ornamental plants, seasonal flowers, fruit trees, reforestation trees, and gardening in general.

This city is characterized by the cultivation of flowers, so a visit to one of these sites is a must.

There are different plant species to purchase while you enjoy the aroma and the beautiful views of the place.

There is no cost to enter; the only thing you need to bring is your mask and antibacterial gel.

5. Walk around Atlixco’s Zocalo (main square)

atlixco puebla
The “color” letters in the main square – Source: Eleni Mavrandoni /

Walking through the main square is a must in this city. The streets full of colors and smells accompany your tour of Atlixco, while the imposing Popocatepetl volcano adds to the scenery.

It is a square of arabesque style, which houses the Ex-Convento del Carmen, built in the sixteenth century, the Church of La Merced, dating from 1680, and the Temple and Convent of Santa Clara.

On your visit to the zócalo, you can find typical dishes and food of this Pueblo Mágico, such as cecina (beef jerky) and fresh trout.

6. Try a Ximitl ice cream

You can’t leave this Magical Town without trying the delicious and typical products of Ximitl Helados y Nieves Artesanales.

They are the best in town and have been in business since 1950.

It has small benches to sit on and have ice cream with your family or partner.

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The flavors you find here are not very common. They range from the typical chocolate to chile en nogada, gansito, marzipan, and even a curious flavor called “del que sea” (whatever).

It is also possible to find specialties such as “Jamaiquina” – Jamaican sorbet with red wine – or “Frutos de la pasión”red fruits with red wine.

7. Have your picture taken at the Escalera Ancha

vamonos to mexico
Source: Eleni Mavrandoni /

If you are looking for places to take beautiful pictures, you should not miss the Escalera Ancha de Atlixco.

It used to be the main meeting point for people, and now it’s used for taking photos. You can see the iconic clock at the top.

8. 5 de Mayo Brewery

This is one of the places you can’t miss if you decide to go to the Magical Town of Atlixco since the 5 de Mayo Brewery produces handcrafted labels that seek to offer the consumer a manifestation of colors, aromas, and deep flavors.

This place has a beer garden and views to learn about the process of making craft beers.

It is located within the Hacienda de San Mateo, founded in the sixteenth century. An iconic place both for its beauty and its historical value.

A guided tour of the place costs about 130 pesos; the entrance fee for minors is free, but under no circumstance can alcoholic beverages be served to them.

9. Cabins in Atlixco

If you want to spend more than one day in Atlixco, you can stay in cabins surrounded by nature, such as those rented by Cabañas de la Finca, where a paradise full of flowers accompanies your stay.

It has an outdoor pool, gardens, and playgrounds, making it one of the best places to stay with family or friends.

It has two locations, one in the gastronomic corridor of Atlixco and the other in the downtown area.

These cabins offer a large parking lot. Each with hot water, ceiling fan, television, and Wi-Fi included.

Costs depend on the size of the beds and the number of services, as there are rooms with hydro-massage tubs starting at 1,350 pesos per night.

Room rentals have a lower cost during the week, so you should check prices and quotas and make a reservation on their website or WhatsApp.

10. Stay at Luna Canela

Another alternative is an upscale boutique hotel, Luna Canela, which has a restaurant to taste typical Mexican and international dishes.

The gardens, green spaces, and beautiful vegetation complement the experience for people who decide to stay in this place, which has four types of rooms, with costs ranging from 2,000 pesos (100 USD) per night.

All rooms have a minibar, television, cable, and Wi-Fi at no additional cost.

If you go to Atlixco Puebla, visit Atlimeyaya: The paradise of the Rainbow Trout

This is a beautiful town located in the municipality of Tianguismanalco, just half an hour from Atlixco and 43 kilometers from the capital of Puebla.

This site is well known for its famous aquaculture fish farms, and it is undoubtedly the perfect place to spend a weekend with family or friends.

This place started as a project in 1979 when they decided to dedicate part of their time to the fascinating and laborious activity of cultivating Rainbow Trout.

The farms’ water comes from the Popocatepetl volcano’s thaws and is 13 degrees Celsius.

It is a place with a beautiful view of the volcano; besides being an excellent tourist place, there are many restaurants where you can taste delicious trout.

There are excellent restaurants around the farm that offer trout as the basis of their menus; they have a lovely landscape, children’s playgrounds, horseback riding, and many other attractions; it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for the weekend.

Guided tours

When walking through the incubators, the trout producers explain to visitors the rare specimens they have, in which the phenomenon of albinism is manifested.

This rare genetic mutation prevents the chromatophores (cells responsible for coloring the skin) from producing the standard color of this species.

They have also indicated that the fattening process takes about ten months on average. Each pond houses trout of different sizes.

In this municipality, trouts are produced daily, according to market demand, which means that the product is always available. You can enjoy this exquisite dish any day of the year!

Other activities to enjoy

In the place, you can hire a horseback ride or relax next to a beautiful stream, yes, very cold water, but surrounded by nature, which emanates peace and tranquility.

You can also tour the town, admire its beautiful church, and visit the Cascada Encantada (Enchanted Waterfall), located very close to the trout farms.

Getting there:

Take the highway 190 Puebla- Atlixco, then the detour to Cuautla by the highway S.XXI, a few kilometers away, you will find the detour to Metepec.

After arriving in Metepec, you must follow the signs that lead you through a country road of approximately 6 km. to San Baltazar Atlimeyaya.

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