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Mexican gastronomy is very special, it varies from one region to another and depends on the basic foods that are harvested in its lands.

It has been influenced in various ways by the conquistadors, the climate, and the changing geography; this has played an important role in the selection of the country’s tradition.

Mexico is known for its corn, tomatoes, chocolate, spices, avocados, beans, papaya, vanilla, and chiles; and the way these foods are used reflects the true traditional dishes of each territory.

Buen provecho!

corundas and uchepos

Corundas and Uchepos: The Tamale Versions from Michoacan

Corundas and uchepos are the two signature foods from Michoacan that delight those who eat them. Corundas are more traditional in the center and north of the state, while the uchepos are from the tierra caliente (the southern part).


Tlacoyos: A pre-Hispanic Corn Dough Delicacy

Believe it or not, it took me many years to discover and taste Tlacoyos. So delicious and nutritious due to its main ingredients, which involve blue corn, black beans, cheese, and nopales.


What is Chilorio? The Star of Sinaloa Cuisine

Growing up as a child, I became a big fan of two of my favorite breakfast dishes, chilorio and machaca. Although I was born and raised in Guadalajara, my mother is from Sinaloa, hence, my love for these foods.