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Vamonos to Mexico » Gastronomy


Because food and beverage play an important role in our culture, I discuss some of the most relevant drinks and traditional dishes in Mexican cuisine.


Mixiote, the pre-Hispanic Food Wrap of the Aztecs

What are mixiotes all about? In its most basic form, this classic Mexican dish consists of marinated meat wrapped in a “membrane” from the stalk of the maguey (the pulque type). This cuticle containing the stew is called mixiote.

corundas and uchepos

Corundas and Uchepos: The Tamale Versions from Michoacan

Corundas and uchepos are the two signature foods from Michoacan that delight those who eat them. Corundas are more traditional in the center and north of the state, while the uchepos are from the tierra caliente (the southern part).


Tlacoyos: A pre-Hispanic Corn Dough Delicacy

Believe it or not, it took me many years to discover and taste Tlacoyos. So delicious and nutritious due to its main ingredients, which involve blue corn, black beans, cheese, and nopales.