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Isla Aguada Campeche: Top Things to Do and Explore

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I bet you haven’t heard of Isla Aguada Campeche, a heavenly little “island” in the heart of the beautiful Mexican Gulf.

I will tell you about what activities you can do here and a little bit of its history to learn more about this Magical Town and maybe encourage you to visit.

Its public buildings and houses showcase different colors, which will make you take a photograph in every corner.

Isla Aguada’s boardwalk is a beautiful place where you will spend a memorable sunset with its different colors.

Where is Isla Aguada Campeche?

isla aguada campeche
Port of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche – Source: Lev Levin /

Isla Aguada is located at the western end of the Palmar Peninsula, just 42 km from Campeche.

It has two access routes, the first one is Ciudad del Carmen, and the second is San Francisco de Campeche.

Isla Aguada was granted the “Magical Town” distinction on December 1st, 2020.

Isla Aguada is not really an island but a little peninsula. Until the 17th century, nobody lived there. It was just a lagoon where pirates hid after making some robberies in other ports.

Therefore in 1762, the governor Don Bernardo Saenz Montero sent a detachment of armed men to run them off the island to recover the merchandise and take some prisoners.

It is said that the first inhabitants were armed forces men.

Also, some were people who were fleeing from the Caste War in Yucatan.

Visit the lighthouse

The history of this lighthouse dates back to the Porfiriato years, which is why it is an architectural jewel.

It is undoubtedly one of the oldest lighthouses in Mexico. With a two-story structure in French neoclassical style and a tower 18 meters high.

Curiously, this lighthouse keeps a secret, as it is part of a collection or series.

The 7 lighthouses were distributed in the states of: Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Campeche and Yucatan.

Nowadays, this place is a museum. Before, it was used to take the sailors from Spain, England, and France so they could fulfill their mission.

In this museum, you will learn all about history. It has three rooms, one of which presents the underwater archaeological exhibition of INAH.

It also has a library with about 2,800 copies, games, and a small kiosk where you can spend an incredible and relaxing afternoon full of culture.

Not to mention the panoramic view it offers when you go up to the viewpoint and take spectacular pictures.

Where you can appreciate a fantastic view of the Laguna Los Remedios and take a photo souvenir with you.

The museum is open Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 22:00 hrs.

Underwater archeology museum

This attraction is located in the lighthouse of Isla Aguada Campeche, which I already told you a little about, where you will find history and three exhibition halls.

In this museum, you will see pieces or remains of sunken ships.

You will also see photographs of these ships and nautical instruments. Some objects are donations.

Most of these donations were from INAH (the Mexican history & anthropology bureau) and others from the local anglers.

The museum offers a tour of its rooms and, of course, the lighthouse viewpoint.

Sunbathe on the “virgin” beach of Isla Aguada Campeche

isla aguada campeche
Source: Marotoson /

You will not find many services in Isla Aguada beach since it has not been explored much yet.

Therefore it is considered a virgin beach. Without a doubt a charming and paradisiacal place.

A beach with calm waters and beautiful colors, because you can swim safely and sunbathe on the fine sand.

Don’t forget to bring your towel!

You have a few good options if you want to stay overnight in this place.

There are nice cabins and some rustic hotels with basic services and amenities.

Among its activities, you can take a boat which costs around1,000 pesos (50 USD) for up to 8 people.

It will take you on a tour of the areas mentioned above. I highly recommend bringing cash since there are no ATMs.

Again, the beach at Isla Aguada is a little-known and unexplored place. That’s why it is considered a virgin place.

Let’s keep it clean and preserve these beautiful tourist attractions that are part of us.

Enjoy the Laguna de Terminos Tour

isla aguada campeche
Source: Alberto Medina-Chanona /

Undoubtedly another attraction is this small tour of the Terminos Lagoon, which was a refuge for pirates and is a natural sanctuary today.

This lagoon has been declared a protected area for flora and fauna. It is one of the largest sanctuaries in the country with this great diversity.

This tour offers you to visit the Isla de Los Pajaros (bird island).

You will observe a large number of birds of different species, such as frigates, herons, and of course, pelicans.

There’s also a visit to a small place where you will see dolphins, the only thing you can’t do is swim with them. So don’t forget to bring your camera.

Later the boat will take you to Cayo Arena, a beach characterized by a lot of shells on it.

Remember not to take them with you because this area is their habitat, and we must respect it so our ecosystems don’t die.

Don’t forget to bring environmentally friendly sunscreen, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, a hat, a bathing suit, and of course, comfortable clothes for your tour.

The pier at Isla Aguada Campeche

vamonos to mexico
Boardwalk and pier at Isla Aguada, Campeche – Source: Alex Bordeline /

The history of this pier is quite interesting. It’s not only about the dock but also about Isla Aguada, which many years ago experienced a gruesome tragedy where many people died.

On August 22nd, 1980, a ferry suffered an accident in Isla del Carmen during a dangerous crossing.

The day this happened, there was a storm, and this made the waves very dangerous. The ferry carried cars, trucks, buses, and passengers from Campeche to Merida.

During this situation, the captain was mistakenly looking at the lights of Isla Aguada since it was nighttime.

And the waves were moving the ferry very dangerously. A few minutes before reaching land, tragedy struck.

The boat sank with a wave, and the people on board jumped into the water to swim under the strong tide.

On this famous dock, someone shouted that the “ferry was sinking.”

Meanwhile, on the dock, some locals were helping people to get out of the sea, while they saw how some others were drowning. It is said that there were around 150 dead.

Today this dock is still there, and you can take your souvenir photo and ride the boat to take you on a site tour.

On your arrival at Isla Aguada Campeche, the first thing you will see is this pier and, of course, the letters with the name of this site.

How to get to Isla Aguada Campeche?

isla aguada campeche
The bridge connecting Ciudad del Carmen with Isla Aguada – Source: Alex Bodeline /

Now let’s talk about how to get to this Magical Town of Campeche, a small fishing village where boredom does not exist!

If you are traveling by car, you will have to drive two hours southwest of Campeche for 160 kilometers and then follow the coast until you reach this wonderful place.

When you arrive, you will see that it was well worth the trip, because the tranquility and a different atmosphere await you.

Also, don’t forget to have fun and carry the necessary things to make the best out of your visit, as well as enough cash.

Try the local food!

The gastronomy of Isla Aguada offers different dishes with seafood and, of course, fish.

Among the most popular dishes, you’ll find octopus, crab, and shrimp.

These ingredients are prepared in a delicious ceviche with cilantro and a touch of chile de Arbol finely chopped with tostadas.

If you prefer, you can also eat crab, which is plentiful here. It is prepared with garlic sauce or as you desire. Don’t forget to try the shrimp.

These shrimps are unique because of their size. Since they are large, they can also be prepared to taste.

And don’t worry, if you don’t eat seafood, there are plenty of other goodies available.

How many people live in Isla Aguada?

Despite the small size of Isla Aguada, it has a large number of residents.

Its total population is around 4,688 people, where 2,459 are male, and 2,229 are female. As you can see, they are not so few inhabitants.

Now that you know everything about the local attractions, you are ready to visit and explore this wonderful village in the Mexican gulf.

Don’t forget to bring everything you need such as sunscreen, a towel, a bathing suit, comfortable clothes, water and of course cash because as I said before, there are no ATMs.

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